Stop Bushfires. Save Lives.
"The disastrous bushfires of recent years don’t have to be repeated"
Low Fuel Loads Are The Key
"The disastrous bushfires of recent years don’t have to be repeated"

Do you live in the metro area or a large town?

Even if you live in suburbia you are not free of danger from fire, except perhaps in older, more densely built up areas.

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Do you live on or own property in the country?

If you live in a rural area or on the fringes of the city or a country town, you need to be pro-active ahead of each summer.

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What about Crown land?

What are we talking about here? Any land covered with forest or woodland on Crown land including national parks., state forest, nature reserves & miscellaneous reserves.

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The information presented on this website

This website is based upon many years of hard-won field experience and on on-ground fire behavior research, followed by successful implementation of forest fuel management practices. Our information is based on fact, not unproven urban or academic theories. Although the focus of our website is Western Australia, our site has much relevance to the whole of Australia.

The site has two parts: the Home Page with overview information and directions to the site, as well as POSTs that are our opinions on current bushfire-related issues, and the PAGES section, under the headings set out above, that contain a wide range of information intended to be a resource for site visitors seeking to explore different aspects of the bushfire situation

Three Bushfire Facts everybody should know


Fire is an inescapable and hugely important part of the Australian environment. Not just because of the damage caused by bushfires, but also because fire is a critical factor in the management of virtually all types of land in Australia, even in suburbia.


Why are we bothered about all this? Because we have had a series of disastrous bushfires in Western Australia in recent years. Look at this list, which covers the period 2003-2016.


The critical factor in bushfire management is the fuel load, the amount of leaf litter, fallen twigs and shrub growth on an area. If fuel loads are kept within certain limits a bushfire will have minimal impact and will be easily (and safely) controllable.

The graph and table below show the situation in Western Australia in recent years - an increasing number of disastrous bushfires. These data are slightly out of date but will be updated for WA at the end of the 2019-2020 fire season. The graph demonstrates how a well designed and implemented fuel management system virtually eliminated large bushfires from 1961 to 1995. Following the Ferguson report of April 2016, major changes have been made to improve the system , but much work remains to be done.

Bushfire Fact 1
Bushfire Fact 2
13 Apr 2022

Zounds Professor Zylstra

The expression of truth is simplicity.  Seneca the Younger 4BC-65AD The late Professor John Ronald Reuel Tolkien was a well known fiction writer, one of his books being ‘Lord of the Rings’ (1)....

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14 Sep 2021

Submission to the Independent Inquiry into the Wooroloo bushfire

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408 Homes Lost
170,000 ha Crops Burnt
227,000 ha Forest Damaged
8600 ha Pines Lost
6 Lives Lost